School Resource Officer

Shannon Skeens

From your School Resource Officer:

Parents can play a major role in the prevention of bullying. Bullying is the repeated taunting of an individual by physical, psychological means. It can be inflicted by an individual or group of individuals. Keep an eye out for signs of bullying. Ask children direct questions about how peers treat them and if they witness bullying. Work with teachers, school staff, etc. to address the problem of bullying.

Parents! Take complaints of bullying seriously. Reassure your child that he or she was right to tell you of the problem. Teach your child to be assertive, not aggressive. Help the child identify strategies for dealing with bullying. Give the child positive social opportunities to make friends. Make teachers and other caregivers aware of the problem and work together to address it.

If your child is doing the bullying spend time with him/her daily. Know where your child is and with whom. Make it clear that you do not tolerate this behavior, but that you still accept your child. Arrange for an effective nonviolent consequence if your child continues to bully. Reward good behavior and teach your child positive ways of solving problems and managing anger.

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