Operation KIDSAFE

At Honaker Elementary School, we strive to promote a safer learning environment for our students.  As you know the Connecticut tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary has touched the lives of all of us.  Such a tragedy has prompted us to reflect on our own safety plan and how we may better protect our students and staff.

Our drive by system which directs you to travel by the football field and drop your child off in front of the north entrance of the school is for your child’s safety.  School staff are present to get your child in the school safely. Cutting in and out of line or passing other parents while they are unloading is unacceptable.  Creating a new line and surpassing others by driving through the parking lot is also unacceptable.

If it is absolutely necessary to walk your child in to the school, you may go no further than the office.  Any matters you may need to take up with your child’s teacher may be done so in the office.  If you need to speak to your child’s teacher, make an appointment in the office and the teacher will address your concerns at a scheduled time.  Items you bring to school for the child WILL be left in the office.

In the event of a special occasion, such as a play or birthday being held in the child’s classroom, you MUST sign in the office and get a VISITORS PASS and sign out when leaving the school.  If you are without a VISITORS PASS you will be asked to leave the school.

Afternoon parents picking up their children will either line up in the designated manner for after school pickup or approach a staff member at the north entrance to pick the child up.  You will be prohibited from waiting in the school foyer to pick your child up.

While these rules may seem rigid, it has become a necessity to take further steps to promote a safer environment for your children.  We regret causing any inconvenience and encourage your continued support for our staff at Honaker Elementary School.     

Shannon Skeens,

School Resource Officer

Russell County Sheriff’s Office