Conduct Code

IMPORTANT ITEMS - Attendance & Dress Code  - For more detailed information please refer to the link above.


The Russell County Student Conduct Code Book states:  unexcused absences or unexcused tardies/early checkouts may be filed for truancy.  For your reference on our attendance policy students are to not accumulate more than:

 ·         6 unexcused absences

 ·         15 tardies and/or unexcused check outs

 ·    6 parent excused days - In accordance with the Russell County Conduct Code Book, verification (documentation) must be submitted within 10 school days of each absence.  Beginning with the seventh absence, the parent must present a doctor’s excuse.

·         If your student is in excess of 5 unexcused absences or 10 tardies please contact our office to arrange a meeting.  Periodically your student may bring home a letter giving you notice of these days prior to exceeding the stated limits.

Russell County Public School System recognizes that a positive correlation exists between regular attendance and achievement.  Not attending school is cited by most educators as the primary reason students do not achieve in their educational endeavors.  Therefore, the Russell County School system maintains that regular school attendance will be required.


Students attend school in order to receive an academic diploma which will allow them to be gainfully employed in an occupation upon graduation.  Therefore, good taste, safety, and health will determine the county policy on school dress.  The following dress restrictions will apply: 

  1. The principal has the discretion to declare attire or actions (other than those cited here) as disruptive to the school setting.  This includes whether garments are inappropriately tight or revealing.  Students wearing questionable attire will be required to change into clothing meeting dress code requirements.  In matters of opinion, the judgment of administrators will prevail. 
  1. Rollerblade shoes/Heelys are not allowed on school property. For hygiene and safety reasons appropriate shoes are required to be worn at all times.  This also allows the school to maintain compliance with state health regulations.  
  1. In grades 5-12, the following applies to clothing worn by students:

a.       See-through clothing, bare midriffs, halters, tube tops, sundresses, spaghetti strap tops, tank tops and exposed undergarments by male and female, and/or low-cut tops will not be permitted.

b.      All tops must be fitted around the armpits.

c.       Neither pajamas nor sleepwear will be permitted.

d.      Students will not be permitted to wear clothing that is (5) five inches or more above the top of the kneecap.  

e.       Pants, shorts, leggings, and skirts must have no rips/tears/holes above the length requirement [(5) five inches above the top of the kneecap] that expose skin, undergarments, and/or underwear.

f.       Clothing may not drag on the floor. 


  1. Clothing, accessories, or tattoos/ body decorations or attire which are sexually suggestive or bearing obscene comments, or that have the names, trademark or symbol of alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, illegal drugs, or gang-related language/insignia may not be worn at school or school-sponsored events. No industrial or pet chains, collars, or spikes around neck, wrists, or waist, or chains attached to wallets or clothing is permitted. 
  1. Certain exceptions or variations of the dress code will be permitted as deemed appropriate for gym classes, extracurricular activities, and special events.  Accommodations for students with religious requirements and students with disabilities will be made on individual basis.  
  1. Hats, bandannas, and other headpieces will not be worn within the school.  Head gear must be removed upon entering the building. 

7.      Sunglasses will not be worn unless prescribed by a doctor.


Cell phones, I-Pods, I-Phones, Wi-Fi, or other similar devices (such as cameras, CD players, MP3 players, walkie-talkies, hand-held electronic games, head phones, but not limited to these devices) are allowed to be used, in accordance with the Bring Your Own Device Policy (BYOD). 

Violation of cell phones and BYOD policy will result in disciplinary action in coordination with policies set forth by division School Board or by school administrators. This may include but is not limited to removal of all access rights to the division network. Network access rights may be removed by School principals or by the District Technology Department.  

First Offense – Confiscation of device and parent required to pick up from administration.

Second Offense - The school administration will keep the device until the end of the school year.

Technology devices may not be used to record, transmit or post unauthorized photographic images or videos of a person(s) on school property, or during school activities. This includes all students and personnel in Russell County Public Schools.

Taking and/or transmitting videos/photographs of fights is strictly prohibited and will result in a 3 day out-of-school suspension and loss of cell phone privileges for the remainder of the school year.

Conduct Code - download attachment below.

Greg Mullins,
Mar 15, 2017, 11:57 AM